Things Wedding Videography Can Do That Photography Can’t

Wedding videography is a special way to capture memories that photography can’t quite match. From wedding vows to the first dance, wedding videographers in Katy, TX, specialize in preserving all of the details of the wedding day and creating a timeless memory for couples to cherish forever. Millions of couples get married in the United…

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Finding Great Deals On Wedding Videography Packages

Posing for wedding videographer

Are you planning a wedding in Katy, Texas? Are you looking for an affordable wedding videography package that won’t break the bank but still produces quality results? If so, then you’re in luck! This blog post will outline some simple steps to help guide your decision-making when exploring various wedding videographer prices in Katy, TX.…

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4 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Videographer

camera of a wedding videographer

Planning the perfect wedding is the goal of most couples. The work involved in choosing a venue, decorating and planning a great reception is substantial. Instead of allowing the fruits of your planning labor to go unnoticed, you should document them with the help of a wedding videographer.  On average, over 2.5 million weddings take…

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Wedding Day Planning – Important Videography Tips

How is wedding videography different from traditional photography? Well, for one thing, ever since moving picture was invented, those camera frames have been telling a story in a way that’s all their own. We’ll skip the rest of the details around video history, though it is fascinating as a topic.  But beyond that, there’s a…

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