The Age of Moving Pictures

In the old days, the Lumiere brothers designed one of the first film cameras, and we were off to the races. Silent movies quickly became ‘talkies,’ and things like color and computer-generated graphics were added along the way.

This is the age of video. We’re beyond those times when studio photography was king, partly because taking video at an event was very expensive and not very practical. Now, it’s easy! But quality matters, too, as we always tell the would-be bride and groom who are looking for guidance. 

Moving into Video

At Wedding Day Films, we work exclusively on videography projects for local weddings. We take care to provide the right professional videography that people can rely on to enjoy the memories later after the wedding is over.

Some of the same tips still hold true with videography as with old-fashioned photography, but some are different. Here are four principles that we practice:

  • Not just point-and-shoot – rather than just flailing about with a camera, it’s better to have a developed goal and narrative in place. Then you use a professional framing and composition to get the shots that will look great, not just random shots.
  • Inclusion – as a professional wedding videographer, you’re also looking at getting footage of key people in the wedding party and other people who may be important to capture. You don’t want to spend all the time on the bride and groom because you won’t have those other people in the frame. So that’s something to think about while you’re shooting.
  • Inobtrusive shooting – at the same time, the photographer wants to be as much of the background as possible. You don’t want to upstage what you’re doing – that would defeat the purpose! Videographers who get in the way often compromise these wedding projects.
  • Event capture – as with still photo shoots, it’s critically important to pay attention when it’s time to cut the cake or when the DJ puts a record on – is another part of excellent and superior videography services for weddings.

When you finally sit down to watch your wedding footage, all of the above things will be important.

You’ll see that what you get depends on the quality of who you choose to take these moving pictures – you’ll see that, in the end, a professional approach provides much better coverage of your wedding occasion.

For more, check out the rest of the website, and you’ll see a little bit about us – our history and how we work with wedding parties in the local area. You’re putting a lot of work into your wedding, so go with the best videography company to get long-term memories you can be proud of. We stand behind what we do for wedding parties – it’s our job!