Wedding Day Planning – Important Videography Tips

Wedding Day Planning – Important Snapshots

How is wedding videography different from traditional photography?

Well, for one thing, ever since moving picture was invented, those camera frames have been telling a story in a way that’s all their own. We’ll skip the rest of the details around video history, though it is fascinating as a topic. 

But beyond that, there’s a specific type of way to work with videography at a wedding that brings the best result!

Let’s talk about some of the components of this and how videography is different from photography, as well as how it is similar.

The Difference – Capturing Video or Film

There’s a big difference between photography and videography, especially in what you are trying to capture. That’s one way that the difference comes out when you watch people at work. 

Somebody in a team meeting recently talked about it this way – she said that the ‘aperture’ is different. Instead of catching a still, or a series of stills, you’re catching a range of motion, and so you have to take that into account when you’re aiming the cameras.

There is also sound to deal with, which is its own thing – from equalizing to making sure that noise control is in place, and everything else (ask our sound guys). 

All of that contributes to good wedding videography that is of the quality that brides and grooms want on their big days.

Getting the Shot

In some other ways, videography is similar to photography in that you’re trying to get the best shots by anticipating what’s going to happen next.

This is where the professional goes back to their wedding itinerary and the sequence of events – the DJ, the cake, etc.

But along with that, they’re also working in real time on the ground and being able to adapt quickly to changes in what’s happening.

We think that phrase “on the ground” is important, because as a videographer, you are right in the action. That makes sense to seasoned professionals who are used to getting real-time videography done, but it also bears thinking about when you’re trying to plan out how you will tackle this big event.

Listening to the Client

Then there’s that extra mile that you should go when you’re a professional wedding videography shop. You have to know what the client’s and goals and objectives are, in order to capture them. It’s usually not enough to just say ‘okay, we’ll show up and shoot your wedding.’ Good pre planning works wonders, and that makes a difference in how the whole thing comes off later.

Take a look at our top wedding videography service out of Katy, Texas and videography that we provide for brides and grooms and everyone else at the wedding. We want your big day to be, well, spectacular! And we can help.